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Running (K)Ubuntu 14.05 on Intel i7 4790K

Posted by on Saturday, 6 June, 2015

This week I upgraded my old AMD X2 (one of the first dual-core 64-bit processors) to an Intel i7 4790K. The simple reason? After more than eight years the system fell apart.

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My life with my Nokia 1100

Posted by on Saturday, 6 June, 2015

It was by the end of 2003 that I bought my Nokia 1100 for 35 Euros. Now, nearly 12 years later, it is finally time to retire this awesome phone.

nokia 1100

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Logitech G15: Rubber gets sticky

Posted by on Saturday, 20 July, 2013

The Logitech G15 was a great “gamers keyboard”. I bought it years back because the screen was awesome to do some programming with. The keyboard was coated with some sort of rubber, giving it a very awesome matte finish and touch. Unfortunately, this coating does not stand the test of time too well, and it becomes sticky. Read here how to solve this. Read the rest of this entry »

Saving power by disabling sound chip on Linux

Posted by on Monday, 10 September, 2012

For years I have been running Linux servers. Some time ago I built a NAS box running Ubuntu Server. I’ve done quite some tweaks to reduce power consumption. But there must be more. Or less, so to speak.
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HP support for Scanjet on OS X 10.7 Lion

Posted by on Sunday, 6 May, 2012

I’m a long-time fan of Hewlett Packard products. They work and keep on working. And, very important, they work perfect with the Linux platform. However, turns out users on Mac OS are not so fortunate. Read the rest of this entry »