Logitech G15: Rubber gets sticky

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The Logitech G15 was a great “gamers keyboard”. I bought it years back because the screen was awesome to do some programming with. The keyboard was coated with some sort of rubber, giving it a very awesome matte finish and touch. Unfortunately, this coating does not stand the test of time too well, and it becomes sticky. Read here how to solve this.

The “rubber” appears to be Urethane, which is known to deteriorate over time. I don’t know exactly what happens, but it becomes sticky and cleaning with water or some detergent does not make it come off.

When querried, Logitech tech support responds that it is time to buy a new keyboard. I find this both a waste of money and resources, why trash a perfectly good keyboard because the manufacturer choose the wrong material? Obviously, it is well beyond the warranty period, so I cannot expect them to provide a new one. Luckily, there is hope.

Urethane disolves in alcohol. So with some rubbing alchol and some effort, it is possible to wash off the rubbery (now sticky) layer.

And again it is a pleasure to use this keyboard!

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  1. Helen

    Thank you so much for this, I have tried white spirit on a small corner and it works. So now I’ll have to go outside with the keyboard and along with elbow grease get to work cleaning a disgusting looking keyboard.

  2. Gerard van Beek

    Ammonia, à couple of times, workshop excellent

  3. arson

    a common problem with matte finish equipment.. i have several problems like these on my electronic gadgets, even though it was new, keeping it stocked for a long time will make the finish sticky. i am using a paint thinner to quickly remove this thing


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