Google Scholar citation email verification does not work

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Anyone who has ever done anything even remotely related to science is probably aware of Google Scholar. There’s this feature where you can keep track of your citations (e.g. how many and which papers by which authors cite your publications). A very nifty feature and quite easy to set up. Your data will only show up after your email address has been verified. And that’s where stuff borked.

The verification link did not work, giving a 404 Not Found error. After inspecting the url I noticed that the dots in my email address had been removed. I figure they probably have some scripts there like php’s
htmlspecialchars() and addslashes() to prevent such things as SQL injection, but apparently this also removes dots from the email address being verified, and then obviously the url does not coincide with what I entered, yielding 404.

Solution: simply add the dots in the url and it works.

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  1. Cheri Cloninger

    Greetings, I searched for Google Scholar help and found this thread. I wonder if you would be able to help with my GS problem.

    When I search for my name, my public profile in Google Scholar shows up as unverified:

    However, when I click on “My Citations”, I am able to see my verified Google Scholar account with my verified government email:

    How do I get Google Scholar to show my public professional page instead of an unprofessional “unverified” page?

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Jim,
    That’s an interesting question, to which unfortunately I do not know the answer. It seems to imply that google scholar only accepts “active duty” scholars as members, which seems a bit odd. From my university I got an alumnus address, I suppose google does a simple match on the domain so then my alumnus address should also work. Still, this does not work with gmail. Hope you find a solution somewhere!

  3. This is fine if you HAVE a university or organization email address. But what if you are retired (like me), and have only a gmail address (like me). Does that mean you cannot make your profile public??

    If you know how to do it, please let me know it too.



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