The many uses of Eldritch Blast in D&D

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The Warlock’s Eldritch Blast is a formidable weapon against just about any foe in the D20 realm. However, it also has many less conventional uses.

  1. Shoot Unseen Servant
  2. Chop down a tree
  3. Shoot a hole in a wall to peek through
  4. Heating tinder until it burns
  5. Shoot Unseen Servant
  6. Manicure
  7. Kamehameha!
  8. Shoot from the hip
  9. Kill it with fire!
  10. Make the world a safer place
  11. Slay pesky little creatures
  12. Slay creatures which are just as pesky, only slightly larger
  13. Burn the Dwarf’s beard while he sleeps
  14. Heating water to boilingpoint

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