Dump Pouch: 5.11 VS Condor

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When it comes to versatility of load bearing equipment, there’s nothing that can beat the dump pouch: a MOLLE-attachable, foldable pouch.

Foldable extra space

Whether you use a drop pouch to catch empty magazines, carry various tools during DIY or expand carrying capacity when shopping, these pouches are small when not needed, yet large and spacious when required. The objects under review are 5.11 Tactical’s Large Dump Pouch and Condor’s Fold-up Pouch. I also have some 5.11 Medium drop pouches in order but 5.11 seems to have a hard time keeping up with the demand (no wonder, they make good stuff!).

The concept is simple: a small package which is attachable to any 2×2 MOLLE platform (or a belt) which unfolds to become up to ten times its size to hold a LOT of stuff.

5.11 Large Dump Pouch

The dump pouch by 5.11 comes with their “Slick Stick” MOLLE. The bands you weave through the webbing are not directly attached to the pouch, but run throuh a D-ring at the top of the pouch. This gives a bit more freedom and ease of mounting without compromising stability – when fixed, it stays that way. On the back we find a complete MOLLE system, including intermediate loops.

The top cover is attached solidly with a piece of velcro. Once opened, a large pouch unfolds. The top cover can be tucked inside (catching to a patch of velcro inside) or overtop to cover the pouch. An elastic drawstring can be used to cinch the top. The large pouch is made of a thinner material than the outside cover to reduce bulk when folded. On the bottom there are two drainage holes.

Condor Fold-up Pouch

Condor always seems to construct its gear with heavy punishment in mind: the fabric is thick, the stitching strong and they seem to buy velcro per acre. Compared to the 5.11 pouch, the Fold-up Pouch appears a bit crude. But who cares about being fashionable when you need to get the job done?

The design differs from the 5.11 pouch. Where the 5.11 is narrow and high (enabling multiple pouches to be attached side-by-side) the Condor pouch is a bit lower, but wider. This does not allow multiple pouches to be placed as close together as with the 5.11 pouch, which is a bit of a drawback.

Furthermore, the drawstring of the 5.11 pouch disappears under the top cover instantly, whereas the Condor model requires you to stick the two ends (on both sides of the pouch) under the top cover before you close it.

MOLLE is provided with simple rigid straps, but the back is not complete MOLLE; it is missing a loop.

At only EUR 11,- it is a very affordable option. Available in Olive, Black, Tan, ACU and Multicam (EUR 22,-) at NSE.


All in all, the Condor option is a very affordable one which will last for a very, very long time. If you do not need to stack many pouches side-by-side, this would be the one I’d go for. On the other hand, if I plan to carry more pouches the 5.11 pouch allows more mounting options and has a bit less bulk when folded.

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