OMNeT++ – talking directly to a different module

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OSI-type stacks with communication by passing messages is nice an all, but not always the easiest (or fastest) way to do it. Say you have a module ‘host’ which has ‘appl’, ‘netw’ and ‘nic’. You can then navigate this ‘virtual’ structure (present in the NED files) to get to your module’s netw block.


myNetwLayer = dynamic_cast(getParentModule()->getModuleByRelativePath("netw"));

My appl.h:

private BeaconNetwLayer myNetwLayer;

Then, BeaconNetwLayer has a function ‘setLambda_g()’ which I can call from


You can also do this thing in reverse, where the netw can pass info directly to the appl. You’ll need to be careful not to get cyclic inclusions as these will cause the compiler to loop. I think there’s a workaround this using prototypes (although I’m not sure if that’s the correct name).

Likewise, you can make a direct connection to myMobility. So say that my BeaconNetwLayer wants to add position and speed information in it’s beacons:


Simple as Pi.


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