Matlab and on 64-bit Linux

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I had Matlab R2009b running on Kubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.10), no problem. I do a dist-upgrade to Natty Narwhal (11.04) and Matlab complains:

~/matlab/bin/util/ 619: /lib64/ not found

It complains, but otherwise works. If you really want to get rid of this, find out where resides:

$ locate

So there’s no where Matlab looks (in the /lib64 directory). Nice. Then we’ll make one in /lib64, like this:

sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /lib64/

(we’ll simply create a symbolic link to the real file to fool Matlab).

And Matlab stops complaining.

Update on Precise Pangolin – Same problem after the next dist upgrade. However, a side effect is that Matlab’s surf function shows empty plots. I have no clue why but applying the symlink discussed above solved the problem.

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  1. It’s a library (GNU C library) which contains many of the basics of the C language. I suppose many Matlab functions rely on it so it is pretty vital. But since it still works (and only complains) I suppose the code is all OK, it’s just the oscheck script which looks in the wrong place and then raises false alarm.

  2. gao

    thanks you for your resolving ,but could you explain the role of the fie

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