Disable Transparency in OSX Terminal

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Ok, so OSX has a fancy terminal which can have transparent backgrounds etc. Surely, it looks really cool and ‘high tech’, but after some time you’ll want to settle back to usability: drop the shiny crap and get back to work. It took me nearly 15 minutes to figure out how to do this, and found several obscure ways when I finally resorted to googling after I could not find the option in Terminal’s Preferences. This is a problem I often encounter with Apple’s stuff, configurability is minimal and stuff is at weird places. Ok, so here goes.

You DO NOT need TinkerTools, you DO NOT need to edit config files, it’s really in the config pane, you’ll find it here:

  1. Open the Preferences
  2. Click the ‘Window’ tab
  3. In the center of the screen, there’s the ‘Background’ and with the ‘color’ of the background.
  4. You get a colorpicker, and voila, on the bottom is an opacity slider

I did not expect the opacity slider to be in the colorpicker, so I didn’t click on it on first attempt.

So, tring to change the transparency / opacity of your Terminal window? Use the colorpicker in the ‘Window’ tab!

2 Responses to “Disable Transparency in OSX Terminal”

  1. Marc UK

    Thanks Freeminded.. bloody Mac OS X has some weird UI ideas. its not obvious as to how its adjusted, that specific Mac GUI button does not imply it is clickable, or that the background can be changed. i still prefer KDE 3.x – where i could chand *anything* i wanted to.. ah well. Thanks again.

  2. pajarator

    thanks! it IS annoying and weirdly placed…

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