Condor Tactical Belt

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Condor produces tactical gear, just like 5.11 and Blackhawk!, though Condor’s products are generally cheaper. I bought a Tactical Belt for EUR 14 to see if they’re any good.

This is a 2″ wide black belt with a synthetic quick release buckle, and fits up to 44″ waist. It can be adjusted by means of velcro on both ends. It’s a sturdy belt which aids in evenly distributing the load around the waist.

It comes with two magazine pouches, which easily attach/detach by means of velcro strips, so you can just as easily attach them to your backpack straps or any other place where MOLLE pouches don’t fit (they can even fit on MOLLE, but is a bit tricky).

The mag pouches are slightly wider than those from Blackhawk, with an adjustable quick-release. It is even so large I can fit my 10x Highlander scope in it, which is quite convenient.

When used as an ordinary belt with pants, it works well with both 5.11’s TacLite and Blackhawk’s WW Tactical pants. It is a bit of a hassle to get it in – you have to take off one side of the buckle, then route the belt and then reattach the buckle while struggling with the velcro and beltloops – but once in place it gives firm support when you plan on carrying heavy loads in your pockets.

It is available in black and multicam camo (although the latter one is more expensive because of the license for the multicam pattern).

All in all, it’s not suited for EDC but if you plan to head out with a heavy load-out (or if you are not routing it through the beltloops on your pants!) it does what it is supposed to do for great value!

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