Team America 2 script

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Scene 1:
2011-04-30, Somewhere in Pakistan… a young girl sees her father brutally slain by infidels. Bound and gagged she is one of the few survivors. She vows to avenge her father.
Scene 2: Four years later, we see members of Team America at the beach, doing some windsurfing. Then, cut to a Rocky-style montage showing the girl, a woman now, running, doing pushups and shooting at a range somewhere in the mountains.
Scene 3:A flashback shows a goat herder and his daughter walking through the fields. The goats are grazing the lush green grass and a Collie is running somewhere in the distance. Upon a single whistle the Collie returns and the girl cuddles him. She smiles. The viewer should get that genuine happy-family feeling.

There you have it, a great hook for the next Team America – World Police movie. Have any ideas about the rest of the script? Let us know!

Disclaimer: I am not making any political statement about Osama Bin Laden’s supposed death in a raid by U.S. SEALs – I was merely inspired for another great Team America movie.

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