2CV won’t run stationary

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The other day I had trouble running my Citroen 2CV6 stationary. With only a little bit of throttle it runs ok, but when you take your foot off the peddle it promptly dies. Luckily there’s a simple solution.

For this problem, the first thing you must think of is: does the engine get enough gas? When running stationary, the second stage of the carburetor is closed, so let’s check if something clogged up the stage 1 jet.

This figure shows the carburetor. What you’re looking for is part number 26. When standing in front of the vehicle, it is pointing right at you. It is on the upper-right part of the lower halve (notice the carb can be separated into two halves).

2cv6 carburetor

All the tools you need are a long screwdriver and perhaps some cleaning agent (we use brake cleaner for this). Insert the screwdriver from the right of the oil intake (it does not fit straight, but you don’t need a lot of force). After a few cycles you can (and this takes agile fingers) unscrew the part.

Clean it (maybe blow it through with a compressor) and replace it. You do not need to insanely tighten it, but of course it should not fall out (though the engine will run without, it just won’t run stationary and, oh, you’ll be leaking gas 🙂

Start the engine, and it should run fine now.


Image from “Vraagbaak” by P.H. Olving.

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