Tactical Pants by BLACKHAWK!

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Of a heavier fabric than the Light Weight Tactical Pants, these 100% cotton pants are designed with no concessions towards usability.

Why these pants rock

They are sturdy and have many pockets, just as you see in many BDUs. One striking thing though, is that pockets are placed right where you need them. Especially the two front pockets – between the pockets at the waist and the larger drop pockets on the sides – are neat places to store any kind of gear like phones, GPS, keys, you name it. They can even be used in a seated position.

Belt loops are large, they easily hold a BDU belt and still have about 1cm left. They are also wide, not the flimsy design often seen in jeans.

These pants do not feature the slide-in knee pads like the Light Weight version does. I figure this is not a loss, since you’ll probably be better off getting some external knee pads if you need them. And besides, you still have the option to open up one side of the dual-layer fabric in the reinforced knees if you do want the slip-in kneepads.


These pants come equipped with MOLLE webbing on the back part, just above the two rear pockets. At first I just thought it looked wicked, but it is also functional like everything else on these pants. The 4×2 (two rows) allow to carry pouches for gear which does not fit in the packets and you don’t want to opt for full tactical loadout (belt, vest or drop-leg platforms). They easily carry drop pouches or small gear pouches. If you do not use the MOLLE, it does not get in the way.


Probably not a major downside, though the sticker used on the outside to show the size has some aggressively sticky glue. It is water soluble and will wash away, but it was a bit of a pain scratching white sticker fragments off of black pants. Other than that, no downsides at the moment. Update: luckily the glue was water-soluble. Smart thinking!.

More thorough review will follow. In the mean time, have a look at what the folks at Blackhawk HQ got to say about it:

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  1. Jaco Vos

    100% cotton… They’ll never dry!


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