(K)Ubuntu 10.10: No Sound!

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I had a perfectly working system of Kubuntu 10.4, but after the dist upgrade yesterday, sound does not work anymore! Read how we solve this…

Now, there have been some modifications to Phonon (the sound system) and after reading around on ubuntuforums.org I found this post which is slightly related (though in my case there was no sound at all).

A solution is to go to your homedir and remove some config files (don’t worry, they will be automatically recreated):

rm -r ~/.pulse ~/.asound* ~/.pulse-cookie
sudo rm /etc/asound.conf

(credits to lidex on ubuntuforums)

Log out and in again, and everything works like it used to!

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  1. JakeOfOz

    Problem continues in 11.10, solved by removing the /home/username/.pulse folder.
    (use rm -r since it’s a folder)

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