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Konqueror is KDE’s versatile browser for files, media and webpages. Besides, it also does FTP and SFTP which are often very handy features.

Konqueror is acting strange (it hangs, is non responsive etc.). This can be fixed by removing (resetting) the konqueror profile settings. These live in your homedir:

cd ~.kde/share/apps/konqueror/autosave
rm *

You may find a file there with a name like “_1.343”. If you feel adventurous, go ahead and edit (you can find the offending tab / screen combination by hunting for the url) but be sure to remove everything for the tab (ie a script on a webpage www.crappysoft.com is messing up konqueror, it is in T5 of screen 1, then you have to remove everything relating to T5 to leave the file in a valid state).

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