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DACS MiXiM is an add-on based on MiXiM created by DACS (Design and Analysis of Communication Systems) at Twente University for research on Vehicular Networks using such features as WAVE / IEEE802.11p.

The current version is based on work at DACS UT by: Martijn van Eenennaam, Wouter Klein Wolterink, Rene Reinders, Pieter van Wijngaarden, Ramon Schwartz, Luuk Hendriks.


  1. Install OMNeT++ from www.omnetpp.org
    (this may include installation of blt, wish, Tcl/tk, bison, flex etc.) perform the usual ‘./configure && make’ routine (also don’t forget to set your paths in ~/bashrc )
  2. Install MiXiM from mixim.sourceforge.org (I recommed adding the GIT repository to your OMNeT++ IDE, but you can also get the tar.gz archive.
  3. start the IDE with ‘omnetpp’ at a console
  4. choose File > Import > Existing projects into Workspace
  5. select the mixim archive (or follow the instructions on the mixim site to set up the git repository).
  6. OMNeT (or actually, the Eclipse IDE) will now show the MiXiM project.
  7. Download the dacs_mixim.tar.gz and install it in a similar fashion (import Existing projects into Workspace)
  8. Build (CTRL-B) the project


General usage:

Simulation parameters and experiment setups are in /examples, modules are in the /base or /modules directories.



sim_std_m.cc: In member function ‘virtual unsigned int
cOwnedObjectDescriptor::getFieldTypeFlags(void*, int) const’:
sim_std_m.cc:505: error: ‘FD_ISCPOLYMORPHIC’ was not declared in this scope

This occurs when building in a non-writable location (e.g. /usr/local) solve with compiling in your homedir and then mv to /usr/local. Remember to also update your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in this case.

chcon -t textrel_shlib_t ../out/gcc-debug/modules/libmiximmodules.so
chcon: can't apply partial context to unlabeled file `../out/gcc-debug/modules/libmiximmodules.so'

For some reason (at least on *Ubuntu) the SELINUX gets in the way of compilation. After running make, makemakefiles and opp_makemake in various combinations from the commandline I am able to solve it, but when CTRL-Bing in the IDE the whole thing craps up again (MiXiM1.2 on OMNeT++4.1). Will post when I find a solution.

Adding your own directory to MiXiM

Here we find that you are not actually supposed to add your own stuff to MiXiM. Now consider this is exactly what we want to do (you may just
want to add a new Netw or Phy, who knows?

Files you need to edit:

$MIXIM_DIR/makemakefiles – this will create a makefile in your custom directory
$MIXIM_DIR/.oppbuildspec – this is used by the IDE to build and link your directory

Whoah, I get Segmentation Faults…

Run your executable in a debugger:

gdb MyTurboMac

and then type ‘run’. It will tell you where it craps up. Type ‘quit’ to get out and go fix the problem.

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  1. sara

    Hello where can I download dacs_mixim.tar.gz?


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