Hank and The Atomic Handgrenades

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Hank and the Atomic Handgrenades was a music project which was active in the period 2004/2008. An epic combination of vivid image building and inspiring titles like “Burn to a Crisp”, “Flash! … Thunder!” and the chartbuster “Nuclear Deception”.


Positive Nuclear Energy (2 CD remixes) (2007)


  1. Alphabet of Weaponry (Goochem)
  2. We Fight for Peace – on and on (Galactix tight quarter combat remix)
  3. Dig in, Head down (Gighandi)
  4. Glow in the Dark (Special K remix)
  5. This Gun’s .50 Caliber (Dj Databass We-please-to-Aim remix)
  6. Hand-held Howitzer (Raptor’s Old School)
  7. Rapid Reload (Gighandi on-the-run mix)
  8. Holiday at Bikini Island (Jafu la Troto)


  1. Burn to a Crisp (Black Scorpion’s HEAT mix)
  2. Generic Warfare (DDT – click to destroy cut)
  3. Little Boy & Fat Man (Galactix long-drop mix)
  4. Flash! …. Thunder! (Kenny goes to Bollywood)
  5. Throw Further (Mc Chaos VS Hank)
  6. She aimed at Me – I aimed at Her (Galactix)
  7. Payload (DDT Reactor mix)
  8. Trigger Me (Galactix un-lock cut)
  9. Jumpstart Your Tank (Dj Databass max RPM mix)

Hank’s Greatest (2006)

  1. Tied to a Satelite
  2. French Fission in the USA
  3. Generic Warfare
  4. Tunabomber
  5. Nuclear Deception
  6. Wireguided ICBM
  7. Anticipating the Flash
  8. My NBC-Suit suits Me
  9. Nuclear Woman

With a Nuke in Hand (at the Microphone Stand) – (2005)

  1. How to dig a Foxhole with a Toothbrush
  2. Jumpstart your Tank
  3. She aimed at Me, I aimed at Her
  4. Payload
  5. Alphabet of Weaponry
  6. .50 Caliber
  7. This Gun’s Heavy
  8. Experiment: Female Soldiers (and the Enemy was Gay)
  9. Inter Continental Ballistic Message
  10. We Fight for Peace – on and on
  11. Rapid Reload
  12. Defeat the Enemy – or Try Dying
  13. Dig in, Head down

HANK and the atomic hand grenades (2004 debut)

  1. Trigger Me
  2. Blast Zone
  3. Burn to a Crisp
  4. Throw Further
  5. Duck & Cover
  6. Armmygeddon
  7. Mushroom Cloud
  8. Flash! … Thunder!
  9. Glow in the Dark
  10. Little Boy & Fat Man
  11. Holiday at Bikini Island
  12. Ace of Spades (cover)
  13. Twentyfour Hour Timer
  14. The Last of the Tomahawks
  15. The Final Countdown (cover)

Throwing Flames (2004 demo)

  1. Hand-held Howitzer
  2. She looks good in NBC-Suit
  3. Don’t loose Your Warhead
  4. My Radiating Beauty

Band Members

Lead Vocals: Way Yee
Vocals / Lead Guitar: Jochem
Grunts / Guitar: Stephan
Bas Guitar: Gerwin
Keys / Programming: Martijn
Percussion: Johan
Guest Vocals: Helena

Booking / PR: Jurriaan
Producer: Zonix Records

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