Cool Moments in My Life

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People always think I’m some kind of nerdy guy. I agree, I might seem a bit nerdy and dorky but I used to be different. Before I moved to this town with this school I used to be all cool and that. I used to be the coolest dude around and had lots of friends. And for those who didn’t feel like being my friends, I would just take ’em out with a couple of my buddies. In my group it was always considered to be cool to do drugs, so we all brought our stash when we would go hang out at the shopping center or kick some newfy’s butt. Back in the days I supplied my posse with my homegrown goods. That’s what made my the leader of our gang, which we proudly called “The Gang” because we figured it was just that, and not cool to come up with a lame name.

And that is also where I made my fortune with. But now times have changed for the worse. I moved out into this little town and I couldn’t see any market potential here, so I decided to stop doing drugs and focus on my education. I now study eight days a week, whereas back in the days I used to party with my friends eight days a week. So that I’m now some nerdy kind of guy is due to the lack of potential customers. Nobody in this town is cool enough for me.

(written 1998)

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