The Thing Called God

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May 2002.

Let’s ponder the concept of “god” for a while. It is quite often a very powerful tool. For instance, it causes people to go somewhere, claiming “God” gave them that piece of land and then take it because they somehow have the right.

But there is no God, god has been created by humans to make everyday life easier, because they needed someone to blame when someone dies or when some other unexplainable event happens. In the old days, there was lightning. The people said ‘it’s god, he is mad at us’. People have created a god, someone they can blame some kind of father-figure they can ask for advice (but who never answers directly) and someone they can use for getting things done. “God says all women should wear towels over their head”, and so it happens because behold God’s wrath…

What people have made of god is only a façade, a big mass-conspiracy that lives in the minds of many millions of followers. I simply cannot accept that any institution can claim to be representing some higher power, because for sure they will use this power for their own benefit. Like the priests in the middle ages. The churches had lots of money (people gave money to buy places in heaven for crying out loud, how silly is that?) and this way the priests had a lot of money, property and food and lead prosperous lives while the people were suffering starvation.

For many years people have been abusing the powers some ‘divine’ being supposedly has given them. Like the Jews, claiming that god gave Israel to them. Or some Muslims, claiming all other people are heathens and therefore not worthy. Or the Christians for the sake of naming all of them, the way they went on Crusades to ‘cleanse the holy land of heathens’. This was the land god had given them, supposedly. And the heathens were in fact Muslims. It’s kind of like the dyke accusing the queer of being gay. But no offence on that matter though, I believe people are free to believe and practice whatever they want to provided they don’t hurt or bother others with it.

Christianity is insanity. Christ was a Jew, who only lived a quite normal life it seems. Still some things happened, which over time were turned into miracles by institutions such as the Roman Catholic Church because it served their purpose to have a powerful figurehead. Is there scientific evidence for this? There is a lot of prove that some people can heal with their hands, their touch or in any other way. There is completely no need for any divine interference.

It seems to me god, as being the all-powerful and all-seeing, is only invented by man so they can explain the unexplainable, and live off of His supposedly great power. And the dumb people of foregone times believed that if they didn’t do exactly as the church told them, they would burn in Hell for all eternity. But they never questioned where or what that would be. Even if there were such a thing, would you let that interfere with your happiness here on earth?

The world is (luckily) turning to a more individual and open kind of world. People are getting educated, and are starting to open their eyes and look around. They start to think for themselves and question their former believes, and I think it is only a matter of time until religion in the institutional way will be gone. There is no reason behind it, just personal gain.

“If you don’t do this, you will feel God’s wrath and you will burn in Hell for all eternity” What right does anyone have to speak in the name of some divine ‘being’, ? If there were such a being, it would for sure speak by itself because it is almighty, all knowing and all powerful and many all-whatever’s more.

If god and I were going to do a chicken run, who would chicken? God already knows the outcome because he is all-knowing. But he can’t change the outcome, so he is not almighty. In a way this shows how ridiculous the idea of a God-like being is.

It is only a matter of tens of years until the civilised world will free itself from its religious sentiments, and people will be completely rational and realistic. Until then people like me will have to keep their heads down, because others might be offended by my views.

But I don’t care, perhaps it is my duty to shock people, to wake them up. At least I like to provoke and shock people just for the sake of it, just for being the non-conformist I am. Perhaps the world is not ready yet, only time will tell. But eventually people won’t escape into saying that “God has done it”, they’ll have to face it is their own stupid fault, and accept it and learn from it, so they can lead a better life in the future.

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