Paralympic Swimming Event

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Three athletes are going to the Paralympics. The first one has no legs. The second one has no arms, and the third one has to do without both arms and legs. They are in the 100m swimming competition, and prepare for the starting signal. The official guy fires a gun, and all three the athletes dive in the water. After 50m the one with no arms is in the lead, followed by the one with no legs. The one with no legs and no arms is in third position. After 100m the athlete with no arms has won, and the one with no legs is second. They wonder what happened to the third athlete, and see him lying on the bottom, just a few metres away from the starting point. They dive in the water and save him. As soon as he’s above the water he starts yelling and cursing: “I’ve trained five frickin’ years to swim with my ears, and then some dork pulls a bathing-cap over my head!”

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