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Some notes on trouble with KDE

Jpegs not handled by KDE (3.5.6)

Konqueror does not display jpeg thumbnails. Kview, Gwenview and other applications that use KDE to display jpegs cannot display them. When starting a jpeg from Konqueror you get to choose which application to use to open it.
– $KDEDIR/share/mimelnk/image for the existence of file jpeg.desktop
– in Konqueror: Settings > Configure > File Associations, see if image – jpeg has filename patterns *.jpg, *.JPG etc.

If this is the case something might be hijacking the jpeg file. If running Konqueror from Konsole gives you:
konqueror: WARNING: Pixmap not found for mimetype application/x-crossover-jpg

Then you have identified the problem: Starting with crossover 5.0 something nasty is happening. It probably works if there is a crossover jpeg viewer installed (who would want to use THAT??) but in short it is just plain bad. Here’s how to fix it:
Konqueror -> Settings > Configure > File Associations -> application – x-crossover-jpg, and remove all filename patterns from the list on the right.
This should fix it.
References: lists.kde.org, bugs.kde.org.

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