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Generic Linux troubles

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Some generic troubleshooting with Linux.

Spell check in Mozilla Thunderbird
sudo chmod 777 /usr/lib/mozilla-thunderbird/components/myspell, install the dictionaries, then chmod it back to 755.

Locked kde session won’t unlock
…and you are using pam_ldap and the user/password is in the ldap server: chmod 4755 /usr/bin/kcheckpass

exportfs -r does not export all NFS shares
Are portmap, statd, etc. running (look at the output of `rpcinfo -p`)? Still not exported? Is the share in a tmpfs mount? That won’t work.

NFS mounts in /etc/fstab not mounted at boot using Ubuntu
Use mountnfs.sh:
sudo update-rc.d mountnfs.sh start 46 S

X server crashes only the first time when it is started by the boot scripts
Comment out the line ‘bootclean mountnfs’ line in /etc/init.d/mountnfs.sh.

resolv.conf keeps reverting to ‘odd’ defaults
Or: changes made are not persistent. If this happens on a regular interval and at startup, check your /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf. If your domain-name and domain-name-server keep changing, add:
prepend domain-name ""; prepend domain-name-servers a.b.c.d;
That should fix it. Another solution (which I find crude) is to chattr -i the file (does only work on ext2) to make the file immutable. It’s not solving the problem, merely hiding the effects.

DCOP –user jochem –list-sessions not working?
And it says:

WARNING: Cannot determine home directory for user jochem!
Please check permissions or set the $DCOPSERVER variable manually before
calling dcop.
No active sessions

Try using this script (source it before you want to call dcop):


[ "$HOME" == "" ] && export HOME=$HOMEDIR
[ "$USER" == "" ] && [ "$HOME" != "" ] && export USER=`echo $HOMEDIR | sed 's/^\/home\/\(.*\)$/\1/'`
[ "$USER" != "" ] && [ "$HOME" == "" ] && export HOME=/home/$USER
dcop_file=`ls -1 $HOME/.DCOPserver_\`hostname\`_\:* 2>/dev/null | head -n 1`
[ "$dcop_file" != "" ] && export DCOPSERVER=`cat "$dcop_file" | head -n 1`
export ICEAUTHORITY="$HOME/.ICEauthority"

dcop_files=`ls -1 $HOME/.DCOPserver_\`hostname\`_\:* 2>/dev/null`
for s in $dcop_files; do
sock=`cat "$s" | head -n 1`

dcop will now use the first server it finds and DCOP_SESSIONS contains a list with all servers.

WHOA, how can I mount an ISO file???
mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso /mnt/iso

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