Equality for All!

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EQUALITY FOR ALL! – written in 1999

WARNING: This essay might offend some readers.

Society nowadays is one uncontrolled pandemonium of do-whatever-they-wants. People are saying just whatever they want, preaching just whatever they want and believing whatever they want.

But most annoying of all, people are doing whatever they like at a time that suits THEM. Isn’t it time for the canadian government to be taken over by radical socialistic dictatorialists?

The country should be taken over by, let’s say, a strong man with a thick mustache. He should permanently, both day and night, be wearing a uniform with decorations for wounds which he may or may not have received in combat.

He should make short work of people that don’t voluntary participate in activities for the ‘national good’, such as digging canals and building big buildings to show off the country’s fortune. To achieve maximum production and minimum loss of labourtime, unions should be banned, lunchbreaks should be abolished and the idea of holidays abandoned.

The leader should have a certain reputation, like, killing a bear with his bare teeth or killing a political opponent just looking him in the eyes. The leader should be called Great Leader; El Meano or maybe something Russian, like Zorin. The leader will need to start a Party of loyal disciples to overthrow the present government. A special policeforce, the Undercover Police, will be established to maintain peace and guard the three things we value most; freedom, equality and dedication. A special unit of spies,
directly responsible to the highest level of the Party and the Great Leader himself, will wander among the people to pick out the individuals that are opponents of the Party, such as philosophers and educated people. Taxcollectors are also on their hitlist, for they are Prime Symbol of the evil capitalism. Public services will have the additive “People’s” to increase the folks support of the new system. Once a stable new government is established with use of force we will crush our evil enemies!

Several major changes will be indoctrinated. Everybody who opposes the ideas of the party shall be sent to a working camp up in the Yukon, to spend the rest of their lives digging canals in the frozen ground.

To start, al present buildings shall be tore down. Huge grey buildings will rise from our country, buildings tens of storeys high, accommodating the superior breed of humans of the post-revolution era. Every building shall have one central dining hall, and there will be one communal bathroom per floor. Since bathing is too time consuming the bathrooms will be only equiped with a series of showers. It is scientifically proven that a human being just needs about 6 square metres of livingspace. The cubicles the folk
will live in will be equiped with a bed and a closet only. Since writing is a way of expressing opinion it will be forbiden, and therefore a desk and chair are not needed in the room. To avoid distraction everything will be painted grey. To encourage dedication to the Party and work men and women are allowed to see each other only in the weekends, women live seperated from men during the rest of the week. Television and radio will be abolished and so will the Nintendo gaming system, for these items are for
entertainment. Every kind of magazine, newspaper or book will be confiscated by the UP because these media are ways of propagating ideas and thoughts that might be against the party. The authors of outlaw newspapers and pamphlets shall be hanged on the National Party Day, in front of the rest of the folk. Every Sunday will be national Party day, and members of the Party will organise a sportscompetition. Scouts of the UP will be looking for exceptional athletic youths, they will be taken apart from the rest of society and they will be trained in a training centre up in the mountains. They will receive a diet of steroids and artificial health food, to perform as the best and most likely win at all Olympic Games. The rest of the world will look up to our country,
producing such good athletes.

To encourage equality, everybody will wear blue uniforms and brown shoes made out of artificial leather. Hair will be cut at the beginning of every month, males will be clipped back to 50mm and females will have their hair cut to a length of 150mm. Alternate hairdos are violation of Equality Laws and will be dealt with accordingly by the Undercover Police. Boys in the age from 16 to 22 will be recruited for the People’s Army and will be trained in boot camps all over Canada. Loyal soldiers will defend their Country and Party, and eventually spread the enlightening wisdom of the Great Leader all over the world. Girls from 16 to 22 will be recruited for the People’s Reproductive Program and they will work in the nurseries. They will produce and raise the new superior breed of humans. A computer-controlled best match test will select the best “mate” from the huge database of frozen semen to encourage gene quality. Only people in the age 16 to 22 will be allowed to reproduce, for this is scientifically proven to be the best timespan. Only this age group will be fertile, the rest will be sterilized to be able to fully dedicate themselves to their work and the Party.

People aging from 23 to 65 will be part of the working force, they will work in the factories to produce luxury products for the members of the toplevel of the Party, and the Great Leader and his Sacred Family. The factories will also produce weaponry such as tanks, submarines, guns, airplanes and ballistic missiles to defend the nation, and to spread the Enlighted System of Equality and Dedication all over the world. People who are over 65 will fullfil administrative work for the People’s Governmental Bureacracy.

Once people are showing signs of senility they are of no use any more and are considered ‘useless’. They will be taken care of in the People’s Mental Institution, where they’ll never suffer longer than a couple of days.

Every morning there will be a roll call in the dining hall, and the folk will sing ‘Ode to the Party!’. UP agents will make sure everybody sings to the top of his or her lungs.
Crime will be extremely minimal, because personal possession is abolished. Fights will be stopped from the UP-control room, of which there is one in each living community. In all the rooms and corridors there will be cameras which will keep track of activity in the rooms. If there is any inappropriate action or conversation taking place the UP will swiftly make an end to it, and the offenders will be erased without leaving a trace, since nobody has an identity. Everybody will have a serial number and a chip with additional information under the skin of the left ear.

Personal freedom will not exist any more since this only hampers prosperity of the nation. Privacy will be unnecessary, because all actions are for the greater glory of the Nation. Since all people are equal there is nothing that you can’t share.

Religion will be abolished, since it is considered not productive and a waste of time. Like one famous writer and thinker once wrote, “Religion is the opiate of the People”. Family values will be of no importance anymore because everybody lives for the greater glory of Country and Party. The raising of kids will be taking care of by nurseries so that the working force can completely focus on working in the factories. The emotions ‘love’, ‘friendship’ and ‘affection’ will be surpressed by drugs mixed in the diet.

This system is as close as it gets to a perfect society, with equality for everyone, no more theft of property and omnipresent dedication to building a powerful country.

Revolt now for a glorious future! Join the Party!

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