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The Dutch climate can be quite harsh at times, where it’s not cold enough to be wearing winter-grade gloves but the wind and rain don’t make it comfortable to go without. Besides, most gloves are far too bulky. Blackhawk!’s Special Operative Light Assault Gloves (SOLAGs) combine ultimate dexterity with great protection, while still keeping a low profile.

I won’t go into the technical details (plenty of that on the Blackhawk site) but can share some experience. These gloves are very nimble; typing on a keyboard, juggling keys or small tools is no problem. Yet they are tough, and reasonably cold-proof. They are ok down to -2 centigrade, and hold out excellently when wet. The Kevlar lining provides slash- and heat resistance, but does not really keep out the wind so wind-proof overgloves are advised when it’s really cold.

After nearly three years of intensive use the leather is still fine. It shows the obvious signs of wear but – even though it is very thin – it still does the job. Proper maintenance with some leather creme goes a long way.

Compared to the Dutch army issue gloves, the SOLAGs surely stand out and I can recommend them for any task which requires dexterity and protection.

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